Ecco una lista di aziende che non ti aspetteresti offrano stage estivi

Summer internships are a fantastic way to gain experience in a company that could then help you build a career later in time, and while the idea of ​​spending your free time away from university classrooms for a summer job is not really our dream in the drawer, these experiences can be really fun and constructive.

Here is a list of companies that you probably did not know provide summer internship opportunities for university students.

Walt Disney

Believe it or not, Disney offers internships in several areas: Walt Disney Park and Resort, MARVEL, Consumer Products and Interactive Multimedia Content and much more. Roles vary depending on your department, but some of the positions include trainee for merchandising, trainee for sales communication, trainee scheduling and production, and much more, lasting at least ten weeks a year.

Red Bull

The Red Bull’s internship program covers areas such as marketing, sales, communications, multimedia content and finance, and lasts for all three summer months. Some of the positions available are those of an editorial intern, a cultural intern, an intern at the site for festivals and events, which is probably a position for which we would leave our current work, to be honest.

Sport England

Sport England currently has a 12-week internship program, which starts in June and ends in August, which they claim as an “excellent opportunity for students to gain valuable experience in the sports industry. Whether you are interested in the field of management, research, legal practices or volunteering, our internships offer you the opportunity to learn more and use your knowledge in the field of sport.


Through a program for undergraduate students, KPMG gives students the opportunity to experience the world of financial auditing, taxes, and consultancy through an internship scheme – available for Audit, Tax and Pensions, Business and Industry Consulting and Consulting technology. Every internship begins in June, and interns are encouraged to “develop new skills and enjoy the experience”.

Lloyds Banking Group

According to their website, “an internship paid with the Lloyd Group Bank is a great way to build the foundation for a career that counts, even before you have finished college. With 10 programs to choose from, you’ll have the opportunity to explore your interests, and discover new ones as well. “They offer positions in Strategy, technology, solutions and more.


Barclays offers internships for summer and spring ranging between services for the bank, finance, human resources and much more, with a duration that can vary from one week to six months, depending on the place required. They also say that their internships are a perfect way to “take a big step towards a full-time position by working for us”.


Deloitte internships range from three to six weeks, and are available for the Audit and Insurance sectors, Real Estate Agency, Tax Advice, Financial Advice and much more. They say that their Summer Internship System “is a fantastic way to get closer to the business world, understand what excites you and inspires you more, and where it can bring you. As well as making you gain experience of vital work “



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